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The Amden Atelier - Roman Kurzmeyer

The Amden Atelier - Roman Kurzmeyer

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Published by De Gruyter

Language: English
256 pages

ISBN: 9783110440423

The mountain community of Amden am Walensee (Switzerland) was a place of social and artistic experiments as early as the beginning of the 20th century. In the last 15 years, many artists have been invited to exhibit in the Amden Atelier, a small farm, or to use the facilities for the production of a work of art.
This publication includes all exhibitions and installations staged since 1999 and describes and discusses the individual art projects. The work is complemented by essays on the landscape, the place and its change of use to an exhibition space, on the curating concept and its development in recent years.

A project space for international contemporary artistic creation
Documentation of the works of the last 15 years
"An experimental stage free of institutional restrictions." Gabriele Detterer, FAZ


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