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Kurdish Women's Stories - Houzan Mahmoud

Kurdish Women's Stories - Houzan Mahmoud

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The women of Kurdistan have experienced a life like no other. From Saddam Hussein's reign of terror, to the fight against ISIS today, violence, revolution and questions around identity, agency, survival and resistance have been at the forefront of women's lives for decades. 

This is a collection of Kurdish women's stories written in their own words. Each story reveals a tapestry of experiences, including political activism under Saddam and armed resistance in Rojava's PKK and YPG and in Rojhalat's Komala. This is addition to conservatism, as well as a look into the work of artists, poets novelists and performers whose work demonstrates a complicated relationship with Kuridstan.

These rich insights come from a group of women from a nation without a state, who are now scattered across the world. Collectively, they take the reader on a journey that will inspire feminist, anti-fascist and anti-racist people everywhere. 

First published by Pluto Press 2021 
19,8 x 12,9 cm
240 pages 


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