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I pick you up - you put me down (white) - Tyra Tingleff

I pick you up - you put me down (white) - Tyra Tingleff

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These unique bags are packaged using the rags the artist regularly uses in her studio to clean her brushes during the creative process.
"I pick you up - you put me down" refers to the constant movement of these rags, from the floor to the artist's hands, literally but also metaphorically, to the continuous, almost meditative thinking that goes on during the laborious process of making the artworks.

By transforming leftovers into objects of care, which serve to carry our precious belongings with us, this edition also seems to remind us that not everything we choose to throw away from our lives is waste.
"I pick you up - you put me down" are hand-sewn by Eliot Felde.
The production continues gently on demand and following the availability of rags.

52 x 44 cm, strap 86 cm 
Including a signed copy of "Of Course I'm Not Sorry"


The books are shipped with Deutsche Post or DHL, according to the weight of the package.

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