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Hoot #7 - Giselle's Books & Inventory

Hoot #7 - Giselle's Books & Inventory

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Published by Gufo & Giselle's Books 

"Following Giselle's Books' invitation of Inventory to its Marseille space for an exhibition in August 2021, we wanted to convey some of the junctures of our interest in their methodology through these conversations with two of its founders, Paul Claydon and Adam Scrivener.

Their eminently important work is also to understanding the ramifications of a discipline that shies away from uniformity and preconceptions. Through our questions, we have attempted to capture the central inquiries that they engage with as much in their eponymous journal as their more recent works, such as the exhibition A Doctrine of Scattered Occasions. From loss to discovery, Giselle's Books and Inventory follow the itinerary of singular journeys in the pages that follows."

- Giselle's Books

HOOT is a printed conversation, a transcribed oral relationship with a worker in the field of art, a collective around the notion of work as an activity, method, environment, milieu, symbol and necessity. Each month, between the 1st and the 31st, whether it is a Wednesday or a Sunday, HOOT offers its readers a discussion that we hope will be passionate and open. Each issue will be transcribed according to the language used and shared in the conversation.

ISSN: 1283-28394


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