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Calling something gossip is a convenient way to ignore less dominant voices, trivialize conversations or demands, and maintain the status quo of power relations and norms. But gossip also carries productive potential. The platform GOSSIP GOSSIP GOSSIP engages with gossip as a queer strategy and tool of female knowledge production. For gossip is inherently an ephemeral queer practice: a queer worldmaking and – paraphrasing Hubert Fichte – an inauthentic, indirect language. A language of solidarity (and with it an archive of oral stories) that can only be fully understood and read by those within the sphere – and to some degree by its allies.

GOSSIP GOSSIP GOSSIP is an ongoing platform and series of events and exhibitions in Berlin’s urban space conceived and curated by Anja Lückenkemper and Sandra Teitge.

GOSSIP GOSSIP GOSSIP Magazine interweaves a documentation of previous events with idiosyncratic as well as theoretical anchor points and new literary, artistic and theoretical extensions – with contributions by Erika Sprey, Nicholas Grafia, Miriam Stoney, Silvia Bombardini, and others.

“Only gossip implies a certain degree of pleasure. Only gossip can have as a target people we love… and this gives gossip the possibility of becoming art. Not only gossip’s formal model or structure is suitable for artistic purposes; also the wide range of emotions that gossip is capable of embodying makes of it an excellent artistic terrain.”
¬ Ulises Carrión: Gossip, Scandal and Good Manners, 1981

Curators and Editors: Anja Lückenkemper & Sandra Teitge
ISBN: 978-3-9825233-0-9


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