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Garp Sessions Cook Book

Garp Sessions Cook Book

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Garp Sessions Cook Book brings together 20 recipes by Garp Sessions participants from 2019-2021. Producing and digesting food as well as thoughts and materials together is a key aspect of the programme that takes place in a very specific locality. The first morning of the 10 day programme kicks off with a food market in Babakale. This is the main opportunity for food shopping as the village does not have any big shops, supermarkets, bakeries or butchers. This negotiation process acts as an introduction to the village and an ice-breaker. Then, the participants cook collectively using the local produce provided on this very first day of the programme. Cheese, vegetables, easy to store grains, and surely fish and seafood as Babakale is a fishing village, are main ingredients. All the recipes are inspired by and produced with the local produce and context in mind.


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