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FRAUSTELLUNGEN - Exercises in Self Sabotage - Kasia Fudakowski

FRAUSTELLUNGEN - Exercises in Self Sabotage - Kasia Fudakowski

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Fraustellungen is a non-collaborative publication by the artist Kasia Fudakowski and gallerist Jennifer Chert. This two-sided leporello presents the artist's four exhibition from her Fraustellungen series: Enthusiastinnen (2012), Pessimistinnen (2013), Stoikerinnen (2014) and finally Sexistinnen to be presented at Art Basel Statements 2015. Each side is designed respectively by artist and gallerist, demonstrating two opposing aesthetic approaches to the work, the tug of war of forced collaboration, and reinforces the blatant destructive nature of self-sabotage.

Texts by Jacob Fabricius and Paul Haworth 
Published by Chert & Motto Books, Berlin
Offset print, Embossed cover, Leporello, Printed in Poland
ISBN: 978-2-940524-37-2


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