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Anna Banana, the Roar Shack Banana Peel Test, 1993/2020

Anna Banana, the Roar Shack Banana Peel Test, 1993/2020

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210 gsm Poster bright heavy matt. Limited editon of 5 prints. 120 × 80 cm.

Part of Anna Banana research project Proof Positive Germany is Going Bananas.

Proof Positive Germany is Going Bananas was a parodic research project that toured seven cities in Germany: Stuttgart, Berlin, Hamburg, Uelsen, Minden, Cologne and Mannheim, as well as in Budapest, Hungary, between July and October 1993. In each city, Banana presented an installation of more than a hundred enlargements of banana-related newspaper and magazine articles from German sources, sent to her mostly by artist-friends part of the Banana’s mail art network that were living in Germany. At each exhibition opening, she appeared in character as Doktor Anna Freud Banana, holding a clip board and wearing a lab coat embroidered with the insignia of ‘the Specific Research Institute of Canada’. She would introduce herself - in German - to visitors, explaining that she was investigating the new German banana consciousness, and she would make appointments for them to come back and take two tests: the Roar Shack Banana Peel Test and the Personality Inventory for Banana Syndrome.


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