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Sharpnel and Splinters, Basel El Maqosui

Sharpnel and Splinters, Basel El Maqosui

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Collecting the drawings realized by Basel El Maqosui during the war in Gaza.
All the phrases are collected from various posts and messages exchanged with Basel El Maqosui in the months leading up to the print.

Basel El Maqosui is a Palestinian artist born in Gaza in 1971.

El Maqosui has more than 25 years of experience as an art teacher at Jabalia Association for Rehabilitation, working with children, particularly those with hearing disabilities.

He is the co-founder, along with Shareef Sarhan and Majed Shaladi, of Shababeek for Contemporary Art, an art space specializing in exhibiting contemporary art that opened in 2009 in Gaza City, which together with the Eltiqaa group provided for several years an essential space for the artistic community of Gaza.

Shababeek presented the artwork of Palestinian artists living in the Gaza Strip through its exhibition hall and other online platforms. It also worked to empower young artists and develop their contemporary tools and mediums through participation in exhibitions, workshops, meetings, residencies, and the provision of production grants.  
Shababeek was destroyed in the Israeli attack on the Al-Shifa Hospital complex in March 2024. During the previous siege in November, the center had suffered some damage to the third floor, but the March-April operation razed the entire building.

In addition to his work as a teacher, educator, and contributor to the art center, El Maqosui has pursued a prosperous career as a painter that continues to this day despite the hard conditions under siege.

El Maqosui has always focused on the issues that he, his people, and the people of the world suffer from. 
From 2011 until today, he has been working on the topic of revolutions of nations, starting from the Arab Springs and expanding to several revolutions throughout history, including the French Revolution, the Communist revolutions, the women’s rights movements, the Black Life Matters, and the revolts of coalmine workers.


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