Mycoglossia - Fiona Glen & Nina Hanz

Mycoglossia - Fiona Glen & Nina Hanz

Fiona Glen and Nina Hanz’s “Mycoglossia” (published by Haverthorn) will be launching at the ChertLüdde, Berlin Saturday, 10 December 2022 from 4:00 - 6:00 pm. Join them for a poetry reading and discussion with Berlin-based artist Wera Bet on the occasion of her artistic intervention "Sprawa Kobieca." 


Hosting for the first time a Porcino exhibition (part of the transient gallery space founded by David Horvitz in 2013), the facade of the ChertLüdde bookstore will transform for one night into an interactive poster installation. Called "Sprawa Kobieca”, Bet’s posters will be available free to take, until the whole installation is completely gone, hibernating as single ephemera distributed across the city. This project, echoes the very nature of the exhibition space – blooming once and then moving like spores swiftly to its next location.


Simultaneous to this project, a poetry reading by Fiona Glen (Edinburgh, Scotland, 1995) and Nina Hanz (Richmond, USA, 1996) will occur within the ChertLüdde bookstore. Embodying the many voices of mushrooms, they present fungi as both healers and destroyers, plague and nurture, horror or hope. The co-presentation by Glen and Hanz entangles with the cohabitation occurring in cities, homes and across borders and countries, voicing similar rhizomatic patterns as Bet’s artistic intervention.

Image: Illustrations by Zsófia Jakab  

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