Hettie Judah

Hettie Judah

Join us on Sunday, Feb. 12, from 2pm onwards, for a presentation at the ChertLüdde bookshop devoted to How Not to Exclude Artist Mothers (and other parents) by Hettie Judah. The author will engage in a presentation moderated by Mirthe Berentsen


Kids are welcome! 

During the bookshop talk, children can join a guided tour of the exhibitions by Kasia Fudakowski and Ann Nöel, led by Islamiya Evans. After a small activity connected to each exhibition, the little ones can join the adults again in the bookshop, where the discussion will revolve around their involvement and participation.


About the Book:

How Not To Exclude Artist Mothers (and other parents)

By Hettie Judah

For too long, artists have been told that they can't have both motherhood and a successful career. In this polemical volume, critic and campaigner Hettie Judah argues that a paradigm shift is needed within the art world to take account of the needs of artist mothers (and other parents: artist fathers, parents who don't identify with the term 'mother', and parents in other sectors of the art world).

Drawing on interviews with artists internationally, the book highlights some of the success stories that offer models for the future, from alternative support networks and residency models, to studio complexes with onsite childcare, and galleries with family-friendly policies.

Some artists have described motherhood as providing them with renewed focus, a new direction in their work, and even inspiration for a complete change of career. Other artists choose to keep their domestic and creative lives compartmentalised. All are placed at a disadvantage by the art world as it is currently structured. This book argues that by making changes and becoming more sensitive to the needs of artist parents, the art world has much to gain.


Published by Lund Humphries Publishers Ltd and Sotheby's Institute of Art

26th September 2022

130 x 200 mm


About the author:

Hettie Judah is an art critic and writer who has spent many years researching and campaigning on the subject of art and motherhood. Her recent books include Art London (2019), Frida Kahlo (2020) and Caroline Walker: Janet (2020).

Mirthe Berentsen is a writer, artist and cultural policy advisor with a focus on art, care and politics. At the moment Berentsen is working on a new book and podcast about the politicization of motherhood and art for the Dutch publisher Das Mag. 


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